Outlook vs. Gmail - In Depth Analysis & Comparison

Outlook vs. Gmail

Outlook and Gmail became the two biggest email services on the internet. Over a billion of users that use Gmail and outlook account. Most companies used Gmail or Outlook to manage their workplace. The main motive of these two email service provider to managing your emails.

Which one is better for your business and productivity – Gmail or outlook? There is no doubt both services have great features but when it’s come to the comparison between two then there will be one up and down. Have some points that will be discussed below will tell you, which one service should you pick up on the basis of your reason.

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Outlook Integrates with many Devices and Applications

Microsoft developed an outlook app for various mobile platforms such as android, ios, windows phones, and blackberry. It is the best mobile email app which runs on your device. You can simply access your outlook account by login with this app. It allows the user to connect your outlook account with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But on the other hand, when you are using Gmail you don’t connect your account with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Cost and Storage

Most people who have own businesses would prefer to buy customized domains for example (email@companyname.com). This service is not offered free Gmail or Outlook. To take customized domains, company need to sign up for premium accounts. Microsoft outlook provide this service at price $4 per month, but it doesn’t contain Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. on the other hand, Gmail offers this service at $5 per month including google docs, google spreadsheet and calendar.

Gmail comes with 15 GB free storage and up to 25 MB attachment file. MS outlook provides 50 GB specifically for your inbox and also attach a file of up to 100 MB to any email.

Offline access to email

It’s a great feature of outlook office mail. When using Gmail you aren’t able to access email without the internet connection. But in outlook, you are able to access your inbox email. Most of the user work in Outlook during their journey. They can read email while they traveling on an airplane. They also respond to email. The email is automatically sent when the Internet connection is re-established.


Gmail used from the decade, it stills looks captivating than old outlook and yahoo mail. Now times changed. Gmail has attractive and customizes themes, background images, Information density. But the outlook has less cluttered and heavily text compared with Gmail.

Outlook doesn’t have same level customization but the outlook has cleaner and more modern interface. It has black text with one bright color also outlook integrated with less service but after all, you will found outlook has less disarrangement.


Both services are provided the same level of security like 2 step verification that reduces the chances of account used by other and both has the same level of encryption. Gmail Used to has a unique feature that was IMAP services. But its changes with the most up to date version of outlook.

Categorize email, Task, and calendar

With the help of outlook office user categories the various items such as message, calendar appointment, and task through the use of color coding. The color coding immediately tells a user, the specific email is related to which categorize.

User Experience

Both outlook and Gmail service provider sport a clean interface. The writing window in outlook is larger than the Gmail. So you can check another email while sending multiple emails all in the same window. If we talk about Gmail its interface also pretty well. It also contains chat window on the side and google bar at the top. According to user interface, Gmail is better than outlook.

Gmail Vs outlook


Outlook Vs Gmail


Gmail uses labels to manage their emails, distribute all emails on the basis of their nature and action that performed. Categories in Gmail for categorized message like social messages in social, promotional messages in promotional, and so on.

Outlook uses folder system. You can choose an email, drag and drop it wherever you want them. Emails are also assigned into categories that can be seen through the quick view on the side Panel.

But on the launching of Outlook 2016, they come up with some add up, added groups that allow you to easily follow a team’s message history, scheduled group meeting. Clutter feature that adds to Outlooks 2016, its analyze the messages that you generally ignored, and move different messages to different, so you can find important emails faster. As the updated version of outlook 2016, Outlook may be the better organization for your needs.

At The End (Conclusion)

We can’t say which one you should pick up but, In the case of emailing you can use any services, it doesn’t matter. When it’s come to the official, then you should be considered cases as we discussed.

Outlook has come a long way, in the organization, cost and so on. While outlooks grab the majority of market share because of Microsoft 365 and outlook 2016, is an impactful step by Microsoft, but they will not stop there. The company that will provide users a great interface with complete functionality will pull ahead. But in this competition, Google needs to more add up.

Hope this article helps you to understand Gmail vs outlook. If you want to take more information then you can contact outlook customer support.


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