Outlook Password RecoveryOutlook Password Recovery

Microsoft Outlook is a part of Microsoft office suite where we can send emails,  transfer data, and do personal chat. we can send picture text also.

Microsoft Outlook provides set reminders, tasks, calendar etc. we mainly use Outlook account for e-mail sending or receiving. It provides data transfer from one person to another person.

In Microsoft Outlook we can create an account and set a password. Microsoft Outlook account is highly secure and reliable.You can easily create an account in Microsoft Outlook with some security questions and also recover the lost password by the method of Outlook Password Recovery.

Microsoft gives us two version

1)Microsoft outlook express

2)Microsoft Outlook

Versions for Microsoft window:-

  • Office Outlook 2007
  • Outlook 2010
  • Microsoft Outlook 2013
  • Outlook 2016 is the latest version

Causes of password fail:

  • Forget your password of Outlook account or you can not sign in.
  • Firstly check your mistakes like caps-lock on or password mistaken because passwords are case sensitive.
  • If your password is not correct or if you don’t remember your password then you have two options.
  • The first option is reset it now and the second one is forget the password.

Password recovery in outlook.com:

  • click on reset it now or click forget the password.
  • Now three options are available for you

1)I forget my password

2)I know my password but I can’t sign in

3)I think someone else in using my Microsoft account

  • when you click on to (1) then you see an e-mail sending option and you recover your password with your account verification code.
  • If you click (2) then you see a message below your option, that is check your spelling mistakes or caps-lock on.
  • In last option (3) you may see some text like why do you think someone else or select reasons.

In every case, you recover your password and security info.

I hope this information is useful for you to recover your password in outlook.

If you need some more help in sign into your Microsoft Outlook account then visit our site Outlook technical support.

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