Microsoft’s Outlook Beta-A faster version

Microsoft’s Outlook Beta – A makeover to Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft introduces a new version of Outlook which is called as Outlook Beta. It offers users to access early email and get the more personalized mail. This will upgrade a search feature and include smart inbox like easy to access photos that you have sent or received and to share photos.

The update is rolling out the opt-in beta stages, so if a beta is available for you, you will see “try-the-beta” toggle.

But, if you wish to access the beta version faster, you can follow the simple steps that will allow you to access Outlook beta.

Follow the Steps of New Outlook Beta:

Step 1. Go to in your browser and sign in to your account.

Step 2. Once it loads, highlight the URL in the address bar.

Step 3. Replace it with to

Step 4. Press Enter.

These four simple steps can help you to reload your inbox and the pop-up screen will be displayed. The pop-up screen introduces you to some new features and tries the Beta toggle Button.

Note-This properly works only if you are an Outlook Premium Subscriber. It also works for Office 365 Business accounts.

If you join the Beta, Microsoft will inspire you to send in feedback via Outlook User Voice Website.

A faster experience, the company promises to get smarter inbox with:
  • Quick Suggestions
  • Improved photo experience
  • Modern conversation styles
  • Add Emoji icons or GIF’s and many more.

Now, try this Microsoft’s Outlook Beta version and share your experience in the comment section. For any more queries, contact our  Outlook Technical Support Number.

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