Microsoft Excel is mostly used by millions of the people all over the world. It is one of the spreadsheet software. It has attractive features and easy to use. This is used for several operations like Calculation of profit/loss to finding averages, to charting and graphing the data. An excel needs to work smoothly, flawless, so as to keep the data save. If you are a regular user of MS Excel and suddenly you face an error like Excel crashes or stops working. The error message saying “ Microsoft Excel has stopped working” while opening or closing the excel file. This error is very irritating as you can not be able to do some time and it also corrupts the excel file.

An error occurred due to some reasons when the worksheet contains lots of data or the complex calculation. Or else due to the add-ins of the older versions office file. Here we will discuss how to fix the error message excel has stopped working problem.

Fix Microsoft Excel has stopped Working

Fix 1: Start MS Excel in Safe Mode

Safe mode lets you safely use Excel without encountering certain startup programs. Try to run the excel file in safe mode.

Follow the steps
  1. Open from the Run option in the Start Menu or press Win+ R to open the command prompt.
  2. Then in the command prompt Type exe /safe.
  3. After that Press, the Ctrl button to open Excel file is another option in safe mode.

Fix 2: Check the issue with Add-ins

MS Excel add-ins are divided into two types:

  • Excel add-ins that are saved as .xla, .xlam, or .xll files.
  • COM add-ins are usually installed and include DLLs and registry keys. It is created for one version of Excel often are not compatible with a newer version, and may cause crashes.
Follow the steps to disable the Add-ins
  1. Go to the File Menu then click on the Excel Options.
  2. Then Select the Add-ins option is available on the left-hand side.
  3. Here you can see the list of the Active Application Add-ins. Every add-in has its name, location and Type mentioned in the list. In this example, the Type of this Add-in is COM Add-in.
  4. Next, go to the Manage option, available in the bottom and set COM Add-ins > Select GO button.
  5. A COM Add-Ins dialog box will appear on the screen > then in the above image, uncheck the first checked option > and click OK button.

Fix 3: Repair MS Office 2013

A possible explanation for the error could be a problem within your Microsoft Office suite. It is seen that office 2013 is also creating an issue so try to repair it to fix the issue.

Follow the steps
  1. Go to Control panel and Select the MS
  2. Next, go to command prompt and type appwiz.cpl then press enter.
  3. Click on the Change option.
  4. Select Quick Repair option then click on the Repair button now you can see the repairing process starts.
  5. When repairing process completes and appears a confirmation message on the screen then click on the Close button.

Fix 4: Keep your Windows Updated

Well, it is also found that the outdated windows system also causes the issue. So, if any latest updates are available on the web then update your application with the latest update. It is always good to keep your operating system updated with the latest update this keep the system healthy.

Follow the steps to do so
  1. Click on the Start button and then go to the Control Panel.
  2. Select System and Security.
  3. Then at the Windows Update option click on Turn automatic updating on or off.
  4. Next, Select Install updates automatically option or Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them.

Fix 5: Check whether your file is generated by a third party

Sometimes Excel files are generated by a third-party application. In this case, the files may be generated incorrectly, and some features may not work correctly when you open the files in Excel. If this occurs, test the features in new files outside the third-party application. If the features work correctly, you should make sure that the third party is aware of the issue.

Fix 6: Perform a selective startup with Excel

Whenever you start Windows, several services and applications start automatically and then run in the background. These applications and services can interfere with other software on your PC. Performing a selective startup can help you identify problems with conflicting applications. To perform a selective startup, depending on your version of Windows. In Windows 10 and Windows 8 Run Selective Startup using System Configuration. A selective startup is used to help identify the offending process, service, or application that conflicts with Excel.

Fix 7: Verify antivirus software update or conflict with excel

Check whether your antivirus software updates or is conflicting with Excel Antivirus software and cause performance issues.

  • Check whether your antivirus software is update

To keep up with new viruses that are created, antivirus software vendors periodically provide updates that you can download from the Internet. Download the latest updates from your antivirus software vendor’s website.

  • Check whether antivirus software is conflicting with Excel

If your antivirus software includes integration with Excel, you may experience performance issues. In this case, you can disable all Excel integration within the antivirus software by creating exceptions for Excel files. Important Changing your antivirus settings may make your PC vulnerable to viral or malicious attacks.

We hope that the above-mentioned fixes resolve Microsoft Excel has stopped working error.  If the error continues to exist then to contact our support team with Microsoft Customer Service and they should be able to help you and fix all errors.



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