The user always gets confused by conflict account, conflict account is nothing but the Google personal account that was created using the email address of G Suite account. A user could have two accounts with the same email address.

This article helps you to get away from confusion and helps how to resolve conflict account. You can Take our professional advice by contacting our Gmail Technical Support to the toll-free number .

You can not use multiple accounts at the same time.

Google uses cookies to keep track whether or not you are signing in to your account. Prior, your has its own cookie, Independent from google account, so you could sign in with multiple accounts from the same browser.

Since Google Accounts through Schools, work or other groups have moved to the new framework that allows user approach to many more Google services, They use the Google Account Sign in Cookie. This cookie lets you sign in with only one account at a time.

You can also Login multiple accounts at once. If you need to sign in more.

Get an error message that your username and password don’t match.

which account do you want to sign in?

If your Google Account through your school, work or other group is being changed over while you already signed in to account, then you will be automatically signed out when the transition is complete. You will need to sign in back to access your transitioned account. After transition complete, There are two ways you can sign in as given below:

  • You can use your school, work or other group’s original sign in page to sign in you had been doing, prior to the transition. For example, visiting
  • You can use the sign in page of Google products, such as, If you are using these sign-in pages make sure use your full email address include the domain name, such as ‘’ in the ‘Email’ field.

Please contact your administrator if it doesn’t work.

You might have conflict account if you are not finding the data you used to store in your account. To find this data SignIn to your conflict account.

If you still facing trouble accessing your conflicting account, make sure the password you entered is associated with your conflicting account, not your google account through your school work or another group.

If you forgot your password, visit the account support page. On This page, your account details depend on whether or not you have already chosen a new email address to use with your conflicting account.  

If you didn’t choose a new email address with which to accomplice your conflict account then you can enter the temporary account name. The temporary account number format as, sign in with the temporary account and an Email will be sent on your temp account ‘ Email to  ******@g******.com’.

A link will be sent to the email address of your Google account through your work or another group, allowing you to reset your conflicting account password.

If you have a new email address to use with your conflict account then enter the new email address you used when you reset your conflicting account. You get a link to the new email address to reset the password.

Still, you have issues it may be because of the following reason:

  • Incomplete or Incorrect Email: When you are signing in to your account make sure you enter your email address with the domain name(
  • Signing in Two accounts in one browser: If you are trying signing in the second account in your Google Apps account in your browser remember for multiple accounts first you can enable the multiple sign-in setting to signIn to additional account.

You’re automatically signIn to an account you don’t want to use.

Your Google account is more likely a full Google account rather than your Google Account through your Work or other groups. Your browser’s cookies will take you at different products to sign in. If you visit another product of Google Account through your work or others group then you will be automatically signed with that account.

When you automatically signed in with your Google account through your work or another group, you will see only those data which is correlated with that account. if you previously used a product with another account and then automatically signed in with your Google Account through your work or other groups maybe you won’t see data from your previous account or you might be asked set up a new profile for that product. But your data is safe, Sign in with your previous account to access those data.

For multiple account access at once in the same browser, you can enable multiple signIns You can use a different browser to signIn to the different account.

The page keeps redirecting

You might be experiencing eternal switch. Try clearing your cache and cookies.

Clearing your cache and cookies doesn’t help during signIn to Docs or Groups, you might be signing In at your customized domain address. Use your full email address as the username. Try signing In at or, without adding/a/

You don’t Know your username

If you added a recovery email address and recovery phone number then you can follow these step to find your Google Account Username.

  • Go to the page ‘Having trouble in signing in?
  • Follow the instruction you’ll need to know.
  1. The full name on your account
  2. The recovery email and recovery phone number for the account
  • Follow the steps to confirm it’s your account
  1. By recovery email address you got an email from Google. Enter the code From Email.
  2. By recovery phone number a code sent to you on your Phone number.
  • You’ll see a list of Username that match
  • Contact your administrator for further Query.

For more information and query related to this article, you can freely contact our Gmail Technical Support and dial our number .

Some common cases when you are unable to sign in to your Google account.

  1. forgot Gmail password
  2. Username or email address forgotten
  3. You remember your username and password, but unable to login
  4. Someone else is using your Google account
  5. Getting trouble with 2-Step Verification sign in method
  6. Unable to reset your Gmail password with a code sent by text
  7. You use a Google Account through your work, school, or other groups
  8. You can’t sign in to a Google Account for a kid under 13


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