Hotmail offered security for email sending or receiving in Hotmail Account and email transfer has done through the encryption over the server. It is used by million users in  whole world. Hotmail email service is the primary communication method in both the private and the professional world because it connects individuals very easily.

When you want to join with a Hotmail Account, you need to create Hotmail Account on Microsoft’s official site. Sometimes when you use this service, it is generally possible for some reasons you completely forget your account password then you can not be able to access your Hotmail Account.  In this situation you need to reset your Hotmail Account password. Therefore, resetting your password on regular interval or it is generally  best practice because, it helps users to maintain their information and data security and privacy. Practice resetting also makes Hackers work difficult because it becomes almost impossible to break through the account.

Unlike any other email service provider, Hotmail constantly advises users to reset their account password and maintain their privacy. Users have also advised to contact Hotmail Technical Support Team to look for any specialist help in case of any difficulty.

To reset the Hotmail Password, The user needs to do the following steps:-

If you have lost your Hotmail Account password due to some unauthorized access or you have forgotten your password, then to you need to focus on following steps:

Step1. Firstly, you will go to Window live Hotmail password reset page.

Step2. Click on “I forget my Password” option and go to the next.

Step3. you need to identify your Hotmail account. Therefore, enter your Hotmail email address or username or mobile number and also enter the CAPTCHA code and go to the “Next”.

Step4. You need to select a password reset link to be sent to “Select an option for resetting your password” and go the “Next”.

Step5. You get the password reset code then this code enter in given box and go to the next button.

Step6. Then enter to desire new password under new option and retype the new password.

Step7. You need to click “Continue” button.

You have successfully reset your password.


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