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All you know that Outlook used for sending and receiving emails, task manager, calendar, or sharing data with another person you want. Microsoft Outlook is user interface familiar. There are many features in Microsoft Outlook 2016 and new searching function where you can search mailbox, folder etc.
But sometimes we face the problem of searching in Outlook 2016. In some cases, the search algorithm into Microsoft Outlook does not work properly as desired.
If this the case, you need to apply some different methods in Outlook 2016.
Our Outlook customer service team is here to describing some basic information related to this. Hope, you find it useful.

Outlook is most popular email based client used to send or receive bulk email and it must be upgraded and maintained on regular basis. When we search output in Outlook “No Result Found” This output shows when the tools stop functioning properly.

how to Fix Outlook 2016 search problems

Fix Outlook 2016 search problems

If your search Outlook comes with blank results, there are some possibilities that Outlook might not be able to find data files for indexing. Microsoft Outlook 2016
provides you an easy solution for this problem and analyze if the mailbox is indexed or not.
You can follow the given path:

  1. click on file, then option and click ‘search‘.
  2. click on indexing ‘option’, then select modify.
  3. In ‘index settings‘, click on the ‘rebuild‘.
  4. You can check if the Outlook data file is being indexed in ‘indexed location’.
    alternatively, you can select index Microsoft Outlook completely.

NOTE: When your configuration setting is done and your search will not work. You should wait until the index is rebuilding. It takes some time, depends on the system processing, a number of files that need to be file size. When your index has finished rebuilding, restart your Outlook searches. This process has fixed your problem in Outlook 2016.

Some Points to Remember:

when your search feature will not work while index rebuilding operation is in the process. It is strictly recommended to you that not to interface with the application
during the process of rebuilding. The time duration rebuilding depends on system specification.

You can repair your Outlook search with some basic techniques, and you can also visit our website for Outlook Technical Support.

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