What is Hotmail Error 3219?

How to fix Hotmail server error 3219
Error 3219 on Hotmail is an old issue that is apparently not solved yet. If you can’t send the mail and getting this error code, it means that Hotmail can`t connect to the Window Live mail, Outlook or MSN email service.

This server error comes up when the users have configured WLM to connect and sync the mail over of authentication HTTP link. that is using the same time, one credential is used for the security. According to specialists when the two sorts are sign-in and the second for the mail server. When the WLM quite often stops for many years or when the servers are overloaded and an update on the server. I have experienced for the problem shout out and resolved the Hotmail 3219 error? Yet we know how to fix this server error problem.

How to fix Hotmail server error 3219 problems?

If you want to fix server error 3219, then you will need to reconfigure your email account. Fellow the blow setup….

In the first setup to reconfigure your account – click the Account.

  1. After that top left side click the +symbol With the @ sine.
  2. In the next setup type your Email address and password, display name.
  3. Check also on “manually configure server setting”
  4. Select “IMAP” as server type, under Incoming server information.
  5. Type imap-mail.outlook.com and in port type 993
  6. After that check Requires a secure connection SSL
  7. Next option locates Outgoing server information.
  8. In the seventh setup type smtp-mail.outlook.com as server address under “Outgoing server information” and in the port type 587
  9. Check on “Requires Authentication” and “Requires a secure connection SSL”
  10. Then click next and you are done all setup, right now you see an account added in the left pane of your Hotmail.

Now your account has been re-configured and you should see your server error problem resolved and see as a new. In case you had some important messages and attachment file at the previous account, you have the option to retrieve them into the new one by dragging and dropping them to the selected folders.

This setup process way to resolve the Hotmail server error 3219. This error problem not only on Hotmail actually that server error showing in Microsoft Webmail services like Outlook, Windows live mail or MSN service. But don`t worry if you have Microsoft another mail account and you are trouble this error then almost same process to resolve this problem. If you have any query and you want to get help any technical solutions for Microsoft email service then make a call and contact customer support number

Hotmail Technical support number

Hotmail Technical Support

Hotmail is a product of Microsoft. It is quite a strong platform for email services. But you may still face technical issues with Hotmail. Like you may face error code 3219. You may face other issues also. You can look for technical help via Live Chat, Email or on Community page also. But if you want to talk to a technical team then you should dial Hotmail technical support number. When you dial Hotmail technical support number you get the solution instantly.

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