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Known as, helps IT professionals and other to communicate. Since Microsoft has changed Outlook from its online email service Hotmail with some new features and functionality, it offers some unpleasant headaches for many people. In an effort to bring more service to Microsoft’s other office packages, this step was essential for Hotmail users.

The revamped brings an updated look to your email platform, including an email and feature set, in which Office 365 looks and feels. There are also several changes under Bonnet, advanced search functions, Bing Maps, Meeting Planners and new template emails such as add-ons.

This service also allows non-immediate email to be hidden in a secondary Inbox folder. This change integrates Skype in the user interface, making switching between email and video chat easier than before.

Users are also able to share the OneDrive document with a drag-and-drop with email, and edit attachments. Users can now flag specific folders, messages can be displayed in pop-out windows, and inline images can be copied and pasted.

Regardless of the best efforts of software to promote switchover, the change has taken some Hotmail users surprisingly, many people saw the interface of Windows 8 as for the first time.

Migration from Hotmail to began in early 2013, after previewing the functionality and receiving feedback from users. Microsoft had commented the user on the board to launch service around the world and to improve the service before Hotmail users went ahead, said David Law, director of Product Management, David Law, in February 2013.

On the official Microsoft blog, he said, “Through the preview, we have heard and learned a lot about our favorite features and how good Outlook. Outlook is in our approach to modern e-mail.”

“For example, millions of people are connecting with Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook so they can update their friend’s list, updates photos and tweets, contact information. And many people have praised that When they are reading emails from one of their contacts, Twitter or Facebook replaces the ad with the latest updates”.The law also claimed that, on average, when using, users will see 60 percent fewer ads.

A major marketing campaign was supported to promote this launch, though not every Hotmail user is happy with the forced stay for Actually, IT firms have been involved in reports about the problems of people while trying to use it.

Here, we answer the questions that have been picked up by our readers from Hotmail to the switchover on some regular basis and try some confusion. If you have received any questions about using, which we have not answered here, feel free to flag it in the comment box below. And we will try our best to answer and update the article in this way will do.

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