If you are suspicious by your Hotmail Account has been hacked and you still have access to the account then firstly check your personal and sensitive information in your email because most of the hackers start with an email. And we advised you have to reset your password right now. Here we discuss below that How you can do it.

Hotmail account has been hacked?

When the account gets hack, you may get error messages such as:

  • Your Server password has changed please Input the new password.
  • This password is incorrect. So be sure you’re using the password for your Hotmail account.
  • Sign in failed. It’s unable to verify account information.

The important cause for an account to be hacked is when a user clicks on a malicious link in an email.

How to resolve your hacked Hotmail account

We guide you, How to resolve your hacked Hotmail account. Suppose you have been locked out of your Hotmail Account or you are doubtful that your Account has been hacked. You may change following things to prevent your essential information in your account.

  • Change the Password

Choose complex password with the combination of letter, number and special character.

  • Check your security information.

Check your account recovery email and number on the security setting.

  • Replace your recovery code.

Microsoft provides to you recovery code. So, only an authorized person can access your data.

  • Change Alternate setting

We suggest you that, Click on Change alert option on the security settings page to turn on to verify alerts.

  • Check Active sessions.

Microsoft will require the OTP code. Therefore, user access your account after entering OTP code. After that, you can easily check your account sessions.

  • Check your Hotmail Account activity.

Go to in your Hotmail Account and check sent items and make sure that hacker didn’t act any unwanted things.

How did someone else hack into my account?

There are follow reason to someone else hacked a Hotmail account.

  1. Your account has been hacked when you click on a malicious link in an email.
  2. Your computer has infected by virus and Trojan which may steal your password and passed it to the hacker.
  3. You will reply phishing email with personal details including your password which claimed that your Hotmail account has been blocked. They may know your password now, and they are misusing your personal details.
  4. If you have shared your account password with some other than it is also the reason for the hack.

If you have any query related to this informative blog or have some confusion, then you can contact our Hotmail support or dial to resolve all the issues.

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