Are you ok if someone have access to your account, are you? Why you will allow others to use your privacy. But hackers enjoy this, that’s why they hacked your account to fetch some secret information about you like credit card information, bank details etc.

This article helps you what precaution you should take and how to get recover from Gmail hacked account.

Your account may have been hacked if you notice:

    • If you open your Gmail account two or more times and your Email and password is correct but don’t accept match then you can be sure that your account has been hacked by the hacker and maybe your password changed.
    • If you open your account on other device and you forgot to log out from your account at that time your account used by others and maybe the third person changed your password, in this case, you can visit our account hacked help.
    • The message has been sent to whom you didn’t send.
    • Your name changes.

Email spam.

If you find that some emails have been sent from your account which you didn’t sent then Follow the instructions.

    • Change the password: Firstly Reset your Gmail password and Choose a strong password that you haven’t already used with this account or if you have the same password for another account like LinkedIn. So as soon as possible reset Gmail password.
    • Check the sent item folder: You have to check all the sent item folder if the hacker contact to anybody so you told him that your account was hacked.
    • Using the same password with another account: – If you have the same password for another account like LinkedIn. So as soon as possible you have to change it.

After that, you can type this type of message to our Gmail technical support team like this “ I have forgotten my email address please provide my email address please”

When your email account is used by an unauthorized person or open to the other IP address so you can find someone using your email very easily that whose IP address is used to open your Email account because we provide you help with our email support helpline or password recovery number or you get an email address link. So with the help of this, we can easily change your password and provide you the best instructions to secure your account.  

Note: When your email address is changed, we send a message to your previous email account with a special link. So you have to click this link to reverse the email address change and secure your account.

Some other cases related to Gmail account recovery process, which you might be looking for:

  1. forgot Gmail password
  2. Username or email address forgotten
  3. You remember your username and password, but unable to login
  4. Someone else is using your Google account
  5. Getting trouble with 2-Step Verification sign in method
  6. Unable to reset your Gmail password with a code sent by text
  7. You use a Google Account through your work, school, or other groups
  8. You can’t sign in to a Google Account for a kid under 13


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