Outlook 2016 crashes on startupOutlook 2016 crashes on startup:

Outlook 2016 is the latest version of Microsoft Outlook. It provides you to send and receive emails. Microsoft Outlook is most popular in client based email sending.
But sometimes Outlook not behave well as we desired. If you have a problem with crashes Microsoft Outlook, then you should try these steps:

  1. Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard when opening Outlook.
  2. select file, manage add-ins.
  3. If any add-ins are enabled, click on ‘disable this add-in‘ button.
  4. Click close, then close your outlook.
  5. Start again outlook normally as you start. Hopefully, it starts without any problem.

These steps have fixed your problem in Microsoft Outlook. In Microsoft outlook, different version has the different solution. If you want help in issues then visit Outlook Technical Support.
You can solve your problem in window 10, whether your windows 10 is 64 bit or 32 bit.

In 64 bit version:

“\programfiles\Microsoft Office 15\clientX64\OfficeClickToRun.exe” /update user updateoversion=(version)

32-bit version:

“\programfiles\Microsoft Office 15\clientX64\OfficeClickToRun.exe”/update user updateoversion=(version)
Here are two version number, select which one is relevant to you, then select the option ‘Repair’ office.
You may check your latest version and start configuration settings in the file.
Visit Microsoft website and write their current version number which available for Outlook 2016. Hold down the window key and press ‘R’ for Windows Run dialog box.
If you want more help in crashes of Outlook, then visit our website for Outlook Customer Service.

If Some technical terms are not understandable for you, you can contact now to our Outlook customer support toll-free number . Our techies are available for all day and night will surely fix your issues.

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