Nowadays, Microsoft Outlook is not just an email manager but much more than that. It provides various tasks on a single platform including email manager, web browser, notebook, calendar and much more. It has embedded security features which protects it from the untrusted third parties.

Outlook has some common issues that the users face frequently. Most of the Outlook errors can be resolved by restarting your system, using scan PST etc.

Here we discuss the common Outlook issues and the ways to fix: 

Issue 1: Outlook maximize limit

In Outlook each user’s stores folders, files, and messages in a special file known as a Personal Folder file. You can save, copy, and also move a Personal Folder file. Sometimes the PST files get too large that it causes problems in the working of Outlook and slows down its process. Once Outlook PST file reached maximum size, it would not add further data to it. And then it would start behaving deadly and could even get corrupt.

Solution :

One way to fix Outlook issues on stuffing of data is by removing all the unwanted emails and other bulky stuff to free the storage space. Analyse the data files and delete the duplicate data permanently.

Another solution for this problem is to archive the Outlook data files. When the PST files exceed the users’ allocated space, archive it on a yearly basis so that a large amount of data would be archived. And finally, PST file backups should be generated to recover the lost data in case of corruption issues.

Issue 2: Outlook not responding when opening

Another very common issue faced by users is that Outlook is not responding error. This may be due to Outlook crashing when opening or freezing. Restart your system may solve this issue temporarily which is not sufficient for the smooth working of Outlook.

Solution :

You can permanently fix Outlook problems on crashing to follow the solutions

  • Make sure Outlook has gotten latest updates
  • Turn off Antivirus Program
  • Reduce Outlook data file size
  • Repair Add-ins in Outlook
  • Organize and archive data files

Issue 4: Cannot expand Outlook folders not, enough memory

Outlook 2007 cannot expand the folder not, enough memory is a problem occurs with users having a large number of folders often when it exceeds 1000 folders. This error would appear whenever you click or expand a folder except for the inbox. When this error occurs you can not even send a mail until the Outlook is restarted.

Solution :

To fix Outlook issues in expanding folders, you have two options:

  • Disable the Download the Public Folder Favorite
  • Keep the number of cached public folders favorite under 1000.

Issue 5: Email address spoofed

At times you may encounter your Outlook 2010 sending spam emails automatically. The fact is it neither you nor your computer sending the spam emails, but that your email address has been spoofed. It can also occur if your system is affected by the virus. Fix Outlook issues on hacking by following the below solution.

Solution :

The one thing you could do to fix Outlook problems on spoofing is that you can change the password as soon as you realize your account has been hacked. If the password is rejected then click on Forget Password and receive the new one. If it is a virus issue, then scan the entire system and try to fix it.

Issue 6: Outlook always asking for the user’s password

When Outlook users send an email before this ask to enter the password every time. This problem occurs when the Outlook is not configured to store the user’s password. Fix Outlook problems on this error by trying the solution below.

Solution :

While entering the user details like username and password when you link Outlook to a POP3 account, you must select the option to store a user’s password, otherwise, Outlook 2010 asks for a password each time you send an email. To fix Outlook issues on this, open the control panel and use the Mail option to edit the Outlook profile.

Issue 7: Cannot send this item error in Outlook 2010

This error would depend upon how an outgoing email message has been formatted. It occurs often due to incorrect formatting of the destination email address.

Solution :

Check the ‘To’: address list and ensure that the destination address has been formatted correctly. This would also occur when there is a problem with HTML based email messages. You can fix Outlook problems regarding the error ‘ Cannot send this item. The operation failed ‘ by changing the Outbound message format from HTML to plain text or rich text.

Issue 8: Cannot open your default email folder in Outlook 2010

This error occurs due to either of the reasons, Maybe due to the corruption of OST files or maybe you are running Outlook in ‘compatibility mode’.

Solution :

To fix Outlook problems, you may try the following solutions corresponding to the causes mentioned above for the error ‘ cannot open your default email folder your profile is not configured ‘.

  • Rebuild the OST files in case of OST file corruption
  • Turn off the compatibility mode

Issue 9: Outlook 2007 data file corrupted

Corruption is one of the major issue faced by any application. Outlook 2007 .pst file keeps getting corrupted due to a number of reasons it may be hardware or software. A corrupted file will be unable to open. It is very important that you fix Outlook issues on corruption as it can lead to adverse effects.

Solution :

You can use the inbuilt inbox repair tool, SCANPST.EXE to repair the errors in the data file. It is found to be quite effective in most of the situations. If it doesn’t work even after using it, then you may go for SysTools Outlook Recovery Tool.

Issue 10: Outlook taking too much time to open emails & attachments

In order to make Outlook more feasible and to speed up various tasks, add-ins are included. But these turn out to add plug-ins that do not add to the speed but increases the loading time of Outlook. It may be also due to the outrun of default file size.

Solution :

To fix Outlook issues caused by add-ins, you will have to disable the add-ins. And to fix Outlook issues caused by exceeding the size limit, archive the Outlook data files.

Getting Help By Experts

In the above section, we had put to cover the most common problems that the Outlook users face. And we had also gone through the ways that fix Outlook issues. Most of the problems can be fixed by solving compatibility issues, disabling add-ins, removing unwanted Outlook items etc. If even after trying all these solutions, you are unable to solve then you may contact the Outlook Phone Number to get instant solutions and proper guidance by the technical experts to easily settle down the problems. You will also get 24*7 help and support by the technician’s team to overcome your problems.

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