Using Mail services is common in people, as we know, Mail is best communication responder in business and professional life. The most use of Email you found for marketing purpose like email marketing to grab customer for your product. Furthermore, we describe the difference between Hotmail, Outlook and Windows Live Mail.

Read more basic and interesting knowledgeable feature about Hotmail, Outlook and Windows Live Mail.


“Basically, Hotmail stands for H.T.M.L. The Hotmail is free online email service. That is founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in 1995. Since, after some time bought by Microsoft in 1997”.

Hotmail is an actual platform for email services. It provides better email services to the millions of customers because of its upgrading features and upgrading services. It became more popular among its user and also offers the Eco-friendly platform.

Features of Hotmail:

  • The Hotmail offers 5GB storage space for storing the online data.
  • Used on multiple browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc .
  • It also provides the date with Calendar option and stores the contacts with contact features.
  • It offers easy to use the platform.
  • Easy to search the emails and messages.
  • Support different regional languages.
  • POP3 is also enabled in Hotmail.
  • It has an auto upgrading features.
  • It also has message filter option and you can filter your search.
  • Offers the facility for easy text formatting and rich text signature.

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Microsoft Outlook:

In general word you can say the MS Outlook is email program. It launched by Microsoft and builds up with Microsoft Office Suite. Outlook is the part of MS Office Suite of applications and convenient for personal use. In addition, it is the structure of mail component in Outlook data files like .PST or .OST.

  • PST stands for Personal Storage Table file.
  • OST stands for Offline Storage Table file.

“The PST file is beneficial for the users because whenever the internet connection is not available, users can access the data”.

The MS Outlook allows for users sending or receiving email through POP3, IMAP, and SMTP email server. The MS Outlook also accessed the contacts, notes, journals,and calendar.

MS Outlook basically uses these protocols like SMTP, POP3, and IMTP and free for users.

Features Of MS Outlook:

The MS Outlook includes the several features that make it more flexible and user-friendly as compare to another email clients.

There are some important features which make it different from other email services.

  • Inter Communication
  • Work Offline
  • Customized Calendar
  • Free import-export facility.
  • Clutter folder
  • Attachment with reminder feature
  • Enhance Security
  • Contacts Manage

A new message can be composed, it offers to the users with two different ways:

  1. Request a Read Receipt
  2. Request a Delivery Receipt

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Windows Live Mail:

It is the latest version of email services, updated by Outlook Express and Window Mail. Hence, its run on different windows versions.

Features of Windows Live Mail:

  • Ability to setup multiple accounts and placing all your email in one place.
  • In addition webmail like Outlook or Gmail.
  • Photo email that enable the user to send the good quality of photos in a small size.
  • Enhanced the security features.
  • Its also ability to view the RSS feeds within it.
  • Views emails, contacts and other features while offline.

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Hope you find above article is interesting and helpful. In case if you have any issues regarding your any email service currently you are using then you can contact our toll-free MSN Contact Number . Our certified technical gives you relevant information related to your issues.



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