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How to contact Outlook customer service team? What is their toll-free number?

Surely, you are here to get best technical support assistance for Microsoft Outlook. We are one of the best email customer service provider that enables users to connect with their contact list proficiently, store contact data, and their schedule and so on. MS Outlook is the most popular email client for the professionals just because of the substantial number of features associated with it. We provide help for several versions of MS Outlook available including Outlook 2016 which is the most recent and best as well.

MS Outlook provides simultaneity of the files, Outlook mail folders, and calendar items. A user can work in online mode or offline mode simultaneously. To mobilize this process, you need to activate the option- ‘hideout exchange mode’. By this century, the program began to keep a copy of files with the newest email formats. If you are getting any sort of difficulty just contact our support team.

Many a time, a user faces the glitch in Microsoft Outlook with this planning. These are the situation which makes a user to knock out of these features and try them again later. There are many other situations where a user can find trouble within Outlook. We are here to provide a one-stop solution. So, if you are searching for helpline number for fixing any issue related to Outlook, dial our customer service number .

Dial our Helpline number to get rid of following problems

  • MS Outlook Configuration, MS Outlook Set up, MS Outlook update and MS Outlook upgrade problems in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Facing problems in configuring multiple “MS Outlook email accounts”.
  • How to import .PST files in MS outlook?
  • You may also call if you need any help for Microsoft Hotmail.
  • Errors in sending or receiving emails are the important issues that should be fixed urgently.
  • Outlook Problems regarding Synchronization of emails, Outlook Problems on files, Outlook Problems on folders, Outlook Problems.
  • Outlook Problems on address book, Outlook Problems on contacts.
  • Introduce anti-spam, anti-spyware Hassle-free installation utilities in Microsoft Outlook.
  • The issue in ambiance rules and MS Outlook Alerts.
  • Facing problem in Setup of MS Outlook Junk mail filtering, rules, and MS outlook alerts and a lot of more issues.
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Benefits provided by our Technical Support team

Email has become an important part of our daily life. Several important works are made possible flawlessly by the use of email services. But what if you are getting trouble in any of the features of the service. This can cause a huge loss of your time, money, opportunity etc. At that period of time, you will find our technical support service pretty useful. Some benefit you may get-

Get rid of any kind of email issues

Easy and immediate access to email experts

Troubleshoot virus, malware, adware and spyware problems

Cost-effective Outlook customer service

Outlook phone number

Microsoft Outlook is a feature-rich Email client and webmail that makes your general communications possible with the help of its fast and secure technology. Additionally, our toll-free phone number keep you ahead of your business productivity by troubleshooting all of your issues. By having access to our tech support service, you can have a peace of mind at home as well. We provide our help for both the version – Outlook Express & Microsoft Outlook. So get relaxed and enjoy our seamless service.

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Microsoft Outlook Mail

Better known as Microsoft Outlook, it is an E-mail application software product that allows users to send and receive E-mails on their computer and many supported devices. It is made available not just to the general public, but the application is used by institutions, organizations and businesses worldwide. Outlook comes from Microsoft Mail’s product line. It is built to be used on the PC architecture-based LANs and Macintosh networks.

Not to be confused with, Outlook Express by Microsoft, is a discontinued E-mail and news client which was included in Internet Explorer browser application in the Windows operating system platform. On the contrary, Outlook Express in Apple’s Macintosh operating system was superseded by Apple Mail. Know the differences between Hotmail, Outlook, Windows Live Mail.

Microsoft Outlook Mail product comes with free and premium E-mail account services for its users. It helps you organize your day-to-day work with ease. More importantly, Outlook supports many third-party add-ons, applications and services. It supports Skype as well.

The Microsoft Outlook mailing services have improved over the years after its launch in 1997. The latest version of Microsoft Outlook 2017 comes integrated with the Microsoft Office suite. It can be installed on Windows 7/8/8.1 Pro and 10, respectively.

In the modern technology era, Outlook’s E-mail services are doing well with their improved methods and advanced tools, both in the application’s interface design and capabilities. Outlook has brought about many innovative changes and improvements in their E-mail application.

Installing Microsoft Outlook client on your computer is not a hectic task. You can create multiple E-mail profiles from the application’s Account Settings option. Also, it allows you to manually configure and test the server settings. It supports POP/POP3 and IMAP mail servers. This is useful when you want to use Outlook for sending and receiving E-mails on different devices.

Contact Manager

Easily manage E-mail addresses in your Microsoft Outlook. Create, add and remove contacts. Also, you can import and export your contacts to any supported third-party applications or services.

Task Manager

Task manager in Microsoft Outlook helps you automate or schedule mails that can be sent to your recipients at a later time.


The calendar in Microsoft Outlook is a pretty useful feature. It allows you to create and manage appointments, events, etc. easily. You can also export calendar events to other applications.


Notes is a feature that lets you add important tasks as reminders. It can be useful whether you are at home or in your office.

Web browsing

You can enjoy all the features of Microsoft Outlook client in your Web browser. Access the email service from your internet application and start sending and receiving E-mails as it automatically configures server settings during the signing-up process.

Mobile device portability

Microsoft Outlook has started developing its E-mail client for mobile devices as well. It can be used on various smart-phones that run on the Windows and Android platforms.

When to dial customer service phone number

Some major issues faced by users are mentioned below. If you are unable to sort out any of them, you may ask for immediate support for Microsoft Outlook. You can get in touch with our email expert by dialing our toll-free phone number: .

Fixes or workarounds for recent issues on Outlook

Sometimes user having trouble signing in to your account, because of some different reason that like that you can’t remember your password, have second step verification turned on, or using another device. Or If you remember your password but it not working, the reason behind that caps looks is turned off and that your email address is spelt accurately. You can take help from our technical support team via our help desk number.

Didn’t receive an email someone sent me:

When you don’t receive some mail sent by another mail address, these problems may have occurred when:

  • A user logging into webmail using with full mail address and using the C panel username.
  • When your mail account is over its disk allocation that why you will not receive mail as well.
  • If Spam Assassin is enabled in your account, your missing emails may have been recognizing as Spam by Spam Assassin and deleted or moved to the Spam folder.
Create or setup an Outlook account

When you open you may get error messages that are same to the below-given error messages.

  • authentication error
  • Not synced yet
  • Your account is out of date
  • Password error

These issues can be easily fixed; but in case of emergency, we can assist you.

Synchronization problems with emails, files, folders, calendars, address book and tasks in Outlook Configuration

When you are synchronization your outlook account. you are facing these types of problems in outlook.

  • If you upgrade your device.
  • Using another account.
  • If you are not using the same protocol.
  • you are not using POP3 and IMAP.
  • Cache mode is disabled.
  • Your outlook folder has been deleted.
Setup, Update and Upgrade problems in Outlook

When you are Configuration, Setup, Update and Upgrade your outlook account than you are facing these types of issue.

  • Outlook Connection problem.
  • You are unable to setup your account.
  • You are unable to connect mailbox.
  • Unable to synchronize your feature(contact, mail file, folder, etc)
  • Security issue.
  • Homepage folder missing issues.
  • Display wrong language.
  • Script disable by default.
Issues with shared calendars in Outlook

When you try to share a calendar in outlook you may get errors…

  • HTTP 500 error when accepting a shared calendar.
  • When a user tries to accept a shared calendar using Office 365 for a business account in Outlook, you might receive the “Something went wrong” error or your sign-in might fail.
  • Outlook 365 Calendar Sync problem
  • After the update a new version of outlook then you get the error message “Lost Shared Calendars”.
Outlook crashes when you start it

When we are sending and opening file and text than our outlook is not responding. There are many problems with using outlook.

  • Old version outlook.
  • Not responding.
  • Harmful adds and virus in outlook.
Problem in re installing another version of outlook

You are using the trial version of ms office and you do not remove trial version of ms office. you are re-install original version install. There is not coexist. Using two version of outlook.

  • Using multiple outlooks.
  • Using another version outlook (32 or 64bit).
Proxy server issue
  • When Outlook tries to connect to the server by using RPC and HTTPS connection
  • Then proxy server issue creates.
  • When the outlook is unable to connect to the server.
  • When security certificate is invalid and not from trusted authority.
Security issue in Outlook
  • Error when attachment to the mail, contact.
  • when the opening attachment is included then opening mail attachment warn you.
  • Outlook crashes after choosing a file.
  • when printing specific in a web page then output print may be blank.
Windows Live Mail 2012 will not connect to Outlook

 Windows live mail 2012 does not support the new and modern synchronization technologies
 which is used by new outlook.because windows live mail 2012 is no longer synchronize mail, contact etc event.
 When the user uses some alternative then windows live mail 2012 will stopped them to your outlook.

Problems while Outlook Sign up.

“Something went wrong the server can’t sign you in right now. Please try again later,” the page confronting thousands of email users currently reads. Users want to sign up in outlook get the errors, the service was not working and reported e-mails not sending and login errors.For a solution sending and receiving e-mails, accessing the Outlook website, log in and sent messages waiting for the drafts folder, you can’t connect to Outlook.

We add sincerity and integrity to our customer service to deliver you the best email support & help.

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