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Hotmail Support: Get Help and Learn

Get an appropriate resource to contact Hotmail support team, access customer services, discuss your problems with them. And get an instant help for Hotmail within few minutes. The process is quite simple. You just have to make a call on our helpline number . Whether your problem is about forgetting your password or account recovery, you will get a quick and effective solution within a minute.

Hotmail phone number

Hotmail is a leading email service provider. Being free, its customer service team is not immediate and extensive as compared to that of a full-featured mail or ISP service. There is no any direct helpline or toll-free phone number using which you can get exceptionally specific and customized support. There are some help and community sites but not truly sufficient to get immediate help at right time. We can provide you exact guidance and support you might need to solve your problem. Dial our phone number  to get help with any Hotmail issue.

Hotmail phone number

Hotmail customer care

Ask Our Customer Service Team, Dial Toll-Free Number

We provide 24*7 customer service support on toll-free number . It is one of the most specific ways to contact our team and ask for help. Anytime from anywhere, you can call on this number to solve any kind of complications. Customer Service is our primary motive. It’s our pleasure to help you anytime and anywhere.

Advantages of Dialing our Contact number

  • Online live Talk Support for Hotmail
  • Email Support
  • Specialists utilize highly progressed investigating systems to settle issues
  • Experienced and committed technicians give moment resolutions to any sort of issues.
  • 100% customer loyalty arrangement
  • Solid and practical specialized administration
  • Remote Access Support
  • The call resolve rate of our customer care is above 99%.

Hotmail - A fundamental beginning in the E-mail service

Several years ago when the technological industries and services started making their presence in the world, a new form of communication system took out. Today, we call it by name Hotmail, invented by two brilliant minds.

Hotmail Web Mail service was introduced in 1996 to provide webmail services to internet users in the world. It made a remarkable success by allowing people to exchange messages with each other in the form of emails.

A computer has an internet browsing application, in those times we had the popular Internet Explorer browser application by Microsoft for the Windows Operating System platform. On the other hand, there was Microsoft rival, Apple, with their innovative, fast and secure Safari browser application for the Apple Macintosh Operating System platform.

Hotmail is the oldest email service, founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in 1996 in Mountain View, California, United States. It was later acquired by Microsoft in 1997.

Many Internet Service Providers like AOL, who provided internet services to countless homes, educational institutions, banking institutions, organization, and many other companies and offices, made possible for the people to access and communicate with each other through emails.

Transition of Hotmail to Windows Live Mail

Microsoft, after acquiring the popular Hotmail email service, launched it as MSN Hotmail service. It was again re-branded as what we call today as Windows Live Mail. With the change in time and advancement in technology, Microsoft brought about a lot of changes as well as improvements in the proprietary email product services.

User-friendly interface

The User-friendly interface of Hotmail webmail service makes sending and receiving emails simple and appealing. It introduces clean and sleek looks and advanced functionalities for the better experience by users. Later, with the growth of demands and needs of users, it evolved to introduce new features for Hotmail.


Nowadays, emails give you the ability to send multimedia files such as images, audios, videos, documents and compressed files with a limited size. This webmail service still exists today but with more improved and secured version. You can send and receive emails faster than before.

Multiple E-mail Accounts

The new Windows Live Mail webmail service allows users to create multiple email accounts on the same domain. You can create one account for your personal use, one for official use, and many more for other purposes.

Link Devices with E-mail

You can easily link your smartphones with your PC and laptop online with the Windows Live Mail Webmail service. It allows you to access and enjoy your favourite and important applications or files across different software platforms.

Hotmail problems widely asked to our customer support team

If you need help for any of these problems, or even else you can dial our Hotmail support phone number . You can contact our customer support team to get the instant help.

  •   How to locate the WindowsMail added under the which certainly not my created app?
  •   My Microsoft Hotmail account got hacked, how to recover?
  •   Hotmail problems, is it working today?
  •   I can not able to retrieve my inbox on Hotmail. Help
  •   As per our report, we are sending email/message to our client, but it is not being able to deliver in either inbox/spam.
  •   When I am sending an email the I.E shows “Hotmail wasn’t able to complete this request. Microsoft may contact you about any issues you report.”
  •   How do I change my password on my Hotmail account, reset the password on iPad?
  •   Problem with Hotmail Validation and Using a VPN
  •   Every time I have an attachment to an outgoing email from my Hotmail account, the attachment goes into error and is prevented from being sent.
  •   I am locked out of my Hotmail account, kindly provide me support.
  •   My account gets auto updates itself. Since then my mail is buggy and slow.
  •   How can I retrieve permanently deleted Hotmail emails?
  •   Whenever I am trying to close my Hotmail account it says my account is associated with paid services that I need to cancel first.
  •   I have not been able to open attachments of any kind in Windows Live Hotmail.

How to contact Hotmail support to get help

You are here definitely in the case; you are having trouble with your account. Either you have forgotten your account, or account got hacked or blocked, we will tell you how you can contact Hotmail and tell them your problems for quick fixes.

We all are aware of this fact that Windows Live Hotmail has become Microsoft Outlook.

If you are confused with the differences between  Hotmail, Outlook, Windows Live Mail, you can refer to this article. But still, you can get support and assistance for all mail services on Hotmail by just dialing .

Most of the time, the Windows Live Mail works well but sometimes it may misbehave and you start guessing. You search the web to get the good resource but nothing works. But don’t worry

our Customer Support Team will guide you how to frequently contact Hotmail regarding any kind of help.

Customer Service Contact Number

This is the best possible option in case you don’t want to invest your precious time and efforts and want an instant help for Hotmail. This is not the direct Helpdesk number but surely a way to contact them anytime.

After dialing this number, the call will be transferred to experts of our customer support team to help you to solve your queries regarding Hotmail issues. You will surely get best and effective solution. To avail our Microsoft Customer Services, dial our toll-free number .

Get Hotmail Related Help Using Windows Live Forum

This may be your second choice to get an answer to your problems. You can simply visit Windows Live Forum on the official Website. But we want to remind you that this is just a community forum, where you can post your questions. You will have to wait till someone reply to that post.

To do all this, the process is pretty simple. Visit the forum, sign in to the Microsoft Answer Account. If you have not yet created your profile, sign up and click ask a question.

To know more in detail regarding the way to use Windows Live Hotmail Forum, visit this link.

How will Our Tech Support Team Actually Help You To Solve Hotmail Issues

We will like to describe to you some of our services if you are really interested to get benefits of our awesome tech support team for Hotmail webmail services. Our Technical Support Teamwork for our customers. And it is not associated or affiliated with any officials or brand mentioned on the page. Our email expert will personally listen to your problem. After completely analyzing your problem, they will assist you to get the issues fixed. Relax, you are in safe hand. We do this daily to give the best and trustworthy solutions to our customers. The user’s privacy and safety are highly important for us and we take it as the highest priority.

Help For File Attachment Issues While Sending And Receiving Mails In Hotmail

It depends upon email provider that allows to send and receive large files. Sometimes, it is possible that the attachment is not being added to the email. To get rid of this error, just dial .

  • It depends upon file size.
  • The attachment should not be virus.
  • The attachment should be properly added.

Help For Unintentionally Deleted Contact List In Hotmail

Getting help is not as difficult as getting right and effective solution. If you are suffering from the following issues, it’s the right time to ask for help from our customer support team.

  • When your customer list has been deleted.
  • Contact List has not been found.
  • At the time of updating new version for Hotmail.
  • Your Hotmail folder got deleted.
  • Authentication problems.

Hotmail help for file attachment issues while sending or receiving emails

It depends on the email provider that allows to send or receive a large no of file size. Sometimes it is possible that the attachment is not being added to the email. To get rid out of this error dial our helpline number  .

  • It depends on file size.
  • The attachment should not be virus.
  • The attachment should be properly added.

Hotmail tech support for contact list been deleted

Getting help is not as difficult as getting the right and effective one. If you are suffering from following issues it is the right time to ask for help from our customer support team.

  • When your contact list has been deleted.
  • The contact list has been not found.
  • When you updating new version hot mail.
  • Your hot mail folder has deleted.
  • Authentication problems.

We add sincerity and integrity to our customer service to deliver you the best support & help.

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