Easy Ways to Change a Hotmail Account Password

Everyone needs to change Hotmail Account password  after periodically for security point of view. If you want to change account password in Hotmail or you are doubtful that your Hotmail account is unsecured from other users and you feel suspicious your account may access by anyone, then you need to change your Hotmail account password immediately. This will be helpful for restricting your personal information and also protect spam or another thing.

Therefore, we discuss following step by step process How to change Hotmail Account Password and you can also contact Hotmail support for any issues or dial .

Change the Hotmail Account Password :-

Step1.To change Hotmail account password, firstly you need to login to your Hotmail Account.

Step2. After that, you need to click on the right top corner, where your profile icon is showing.

Step3. Then you click on your “Profile Picture” and choose “Profile View” option.

Step4. Then you need to enter your old password and “Log in” menu option.

Step5. Now, you click on “change password” menu option.

Step6. Enter your “Old Password” in the text box.

Step7. Enter the “New Password” in another text box.

Step8. Again you need to re-enter the same “New password” for confirmation.

Step9. Click on the “Save” button and save the “New Password”.

Now, you have successfully change your password and you can log in with the new password.

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