How to Change Language on Your Hotmail Account

Changing the language of Hotmail account

How to Change Language on Your Hotmail Account

Microsoft has provided various features and services for users satisfaction. Like as: sending and receiving the message, replying, sharing, changing the language in Hotmail Account. “Change the language of Hotmail account” is one of the best features. Using this feature user may possible to change the language of their Hotmail account.

The Hotmail Account Support only 48 Languages.
The language setting is only applied for account to account not for web browser.

How to Change Language on Your Hotmail Account

There are following steps mentioned to change your language setting. If you need support to get help during changing of language in Hotmail Account, then you can contact our Hotmail Support team without any hesitation.

Step1. Firstly, you can go to the log-In page and login to Hotmail Account email address and password.

Step2. After login process, you will display your name on top of the left corner.

Step3. You will see question mark then you can move your cursor and click on it.

Step4. Click on look down menu of symbol and select the last choice.

Step5. After doing above steps, you will show up the menu.

Step6. Then you click on third heading “Hotmail”.

Step7. Now, you can choose the suitable language which you want to use in Hotmail Account and click on “Apply” button.

Step8. And finally, you have to change the language successfully in Hotmail Account.

Wish you find this useful blog. And, If you have any query and technical issues related to it, then you can contact our Hotmail customer service or dial our toll-free number . We are providing the best resolution to you.

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