Formerly called Hotmail is one of the famous free online email services and users can access it from any location in the whole world with internet connection. Hotmail provides the features to the users for easily communicating and send or receive message or information with other. So, to use Hotmail email service you need to create an account on the official website of the Microsoft.

When you have created a Hotmail account then you got login credentials which are compulsory to get your Hotmail account. Sometimes, when you use Hotmail email service then it is generally possible that due to some reason you forget your password and you can not access your account. Therefore, it is mandatory to set a new password.

Change Hotmail password on iPad is a common issue for iPad users. Every user needs to change their password in periodically for security purpose or reasons because unwanted users want to know your password and then getting miss use with it, Like as theft your personal information or another thing in Hotmail Account. Therefore, users need to change their password on iPad or Android or Computer.

Way to do Hotmail password recovery

There is a simple way to do the Hotmail password recovery onto the iPad is explained below:-

Step1. Firstly, open your “email app” and click the “Menu” button and select “More”.

Step2. Go to the Account Setting and choose it.

Step3. After that, choose “Incoming Setting” from the list of options.

Step4. Enter your new password into the password field and go to the “Next” button.

Step5. Open “Setting” from the list of icons on the “Home”.

Step6. Then, search for Mail, Calendar, and Contact and click on it.

Step7. An account which accessed through the devices are listed, then you will choose Hotmail from the list.

Step8. Touch “Account” on the page that will be open.

Step9. Change your password in the password text and click on “Done”.

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